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QuickPayPortal – Medical Bills Payment Portal

Quickpayportal is a web leading service which helps its users to pay their doctor’s bill via online transactions. it’s one among the highest best portals and also easy to pay all of your medical bills online. This portal is initially started by Athena Health Services within the USA. The QuickPayPortal is additionally familiarly referred … Continue reading

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Latest Tech News From Across the World

We are approaching the final stretch of 2019. All users want to start a new decade, but many users will ask the same question: what news will mobile phones have in 2020? Mobile phone companies already have their sights set … Continue reading

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How To Fix HotStar App Keeps Crashing on iPhone/ iPad

It was reported the last couple of weeks ago that Hotstar is working on a UWP app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The official UWP app is now available for download both on PC and Mobile for Windows … Continue reading

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Microsoft Applies Artificial Intelligence To Convert Drawings Into HTML

HTML is one of the programming languages ​​that the Web is nurtured to work with PHP, CSS and others. And although it is a relatively easy language to learn and to start up, all help is little if it comes … Continue reading

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Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

Kroger is one among the world’s largest grocery retailers. Kroger’s Family of Stores spans many nations with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, discount, convenience stores and jewellery stores. Some customers are trying to find, which isn’t the proper address for the Kroger customer feedback survey. don’t search … Continue reading

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Solar Heating And Cooling For A Sustainable Energy

The temperature regulation of skyscrapers is a real problem for the environment, as we have said before. Large glass buildings absorb heat from exposure to the sun to a greater extent, which naturally raises the temperature and complicates cooling work. … Continue reading

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Technology Used Food Made From The Thin Air

A company is producing flour using only air and water. It is a high protein flour that could be used as a substitute for any other type of flour or protein powder. It seems science fiction but a company claims … Continue reading

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Gene Therapy To Fight Rare Diseases

More than half of the rare disease cases manifest themselves in children under two years of age, and more than 90% of affected patients do not have specific treatments. But can a solution be found to deal with this type … Continue reading

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