Login I am in very good relationship with a beautiful woman,and when I remember our first meeting,it is a miracle we actually gathered. I everything is going wrong,you can do it. In some sense,large. I eat them,along with the plate,I impressed her with their knowledge of the culture to kiss her on the people. "Don't sound so bad",I think of you. And Yes,you are right. In fact it is not. despite,at least when you meet the girl of the West. Cotton on a date with the girl of the West-it is absolutely normal thing, go kiss in public environments. My God,it's even expected. The problem is that women,with whom I went on a date,I was born and bred in the service,and Laundry service. My woman is a beautiful woman born in Thailand,and when you meet with a traditional Asian woman likes her rules is the West data does not apply. I want to know this on our first date. I have goosebumps from thinking about everything I've done wrong. I very much hope that you will not commit the same mistake,the following. That's why I have the following list of tips for the structure of life found that traditional Asian woman. Read each tip to double and a commitment that no испортите the next meeting. 1. From do not approach.Along with her"nice to meet you" Thank God I did not. And no,I also didn't use the Thai equivalent of Hello. I am close to my face in English,and happy today. With Dating Asian women many of the white people of the passion and thought with the traditional approach. Sorry but this will not happen. If there is one thing that traditional Asian women are sick and tired of the white male,try to act Asian. You can never be with a black woman Africa of greeting,so why the hell you want to do this thing with Asian girls? My advice:Don't do this. You will look foolish. 2. The speed of opportunity at the compliment"I like your eyes" I have a good experience Dating with Asian women,and they are absolutely direct compliment. More and more,so that man in their country is usually very shy and not accustomed to praise. They love it when you call them,and they love it when you compliment beautiful black hair. The only thing I don't like them,then say something like"I like your eyes. I'm exotic". Without any kind of scientific evidence,but in my experience,Asian women аллергичны compliment your eyes. This is just my experience. Test it,if you want. 3. Do not recite them a lecture about cultural knowledge Maybe,you will know all about. Maybe,you know shit about the culture. This is not important. All that matters is that you do not try to impress them knowledge of the culture. Real hotel is located in the case of professionals in Asia,but this does not mean that you should push him in the face all the time. How it is expressed in one of Asia closest friends: "Nothing worse than a date with a white man,trying to prove that he is more Asian." 4. Eat with a fork I'm not an expert on палочкам eat. No,seriously. I eat rice and corn is not. Not the boys can do what they can. But I've been practicing this level is reached,and very likely not. So,do not позорь itself. The socket on the first date. However,even so on you,if you don't use chopsticks. In fact,she will be happy,when the food enters from the mouth of your Canyon. 5. You do not need to prove that the king of Chile You can do acute? I can,but the first time I ate acute times to cry out"death and decay",after a few minutes, after an amazing experience. Your need to prove Asian,woman,you-the king of Chile,can have unpleasant consequences. In this case, the"before"and"fire"can be taken. If there is only one thing,you вынесете In this article, then,is this: The U.S. Chile and do not risk to spend your time in the beginning with the toilet,simply because you want to prove something. Is not worth it. 6. The way things are FUCK Asian people are very courteous. Traditional Asian family,teaching their children respect and manners. Honestly,I have never seen a traditional Asian girl жевала,like a bear,elbow on the table,but,perhaps,simply met the woman. In any case,if you want to meet asian women,the focus should be on their way. Yes,it is also important to Western women,but this is more important when you are Dating a girl from a culture it is forbidden to put the fork and spoon on the table. Put in fucking learn! 7. You do not need to pay the bill Simply because she is a traditional Asian woman doesn't mean you have to pay bills. Remember,my woman-тайка,and I pay for them on the table in our first meeting. In fact this is one of the most important rules of the visit: You don't pay on the first date,gold prospectors will leave. What is not expected, the person paying does not mean that you should do this. Surprise him and give him this rule. People can say that with confidence,you need not worry about a negative reaction. 8. Be ready to talk Asian women can be shy,very shy. But this is definitely a sign of indifference, when,in the West,to see the face and you within five minutes without saying a word,is not the same thing,when you meet in Asia. They are to be ashamed of,especially when they are on a date with a stranger. Give him some time to get comfortable in your presence. Until she can't be, for it is your job to talk. 9. A week of dirty talk Dirty talk to not only art,but also a risky business. In this case,the wrong she will remember you AS подонка. If you do the right thing,she,probably, will prove to be in bed with you. Of the problem only to explore the traditional Asian women in the fact that her barrier to creep a bit lower than for women with other cultural traditions. You do not talk about sex in Asia,actually. That is exactly what happens. Here why don't like dirty talk. Do not overdo it. She is frightened and running away from you. 10. Think twice before kissing you them in public Can kiss,to kiss her. Just make sure you don't do this in a public way. I,too, in the West, this is normal,go ahead and kiss,when you are in a train station or bus stop. Don't do it,when you meet a traditional Asian woman. Autumn is one of the most well-known error in the boy. Whenever I see these days in Bangkok, I feel sorry for the woman. It is of embarrassment while he tries to kiss her. And she said not to do this because they don't want to kiss. She would want. Simply to create a culture reaction. Just wait until you are home at night to enjoy and write me"thank you for this tip"e-mail in a few days In conclusion, Meet a traditional Asian woman-not the same as,or Western European women. Wrong praise can destroy everything,like a high school knowledge will help to provide not more popular. Respect the culture and behave like a man to know what the word"Yes". Yeah,and not afraid to talk. You probably use your mouth throughout. You just be careful,don't use it for what it is,until you are in the private sector.