Microsoft Applies Artificial Intelligence To Convert Drawings Into HTML

HTML is one of the programming languages ​​that the Web is nurtured to work with PHP, CSS and others. And although it is a relatively easy language to learn and to start up, all help is little if it comes to programming in HTML, and artificial intelligence has a lot to say about it.


Microsoft has its own Artificial Intelligence department and among its most recent projects is Sketch2Code, a tool that creates HTML prototypes from freehand drawings. As simple as it sounds, although all the work is done by AI.

In short, this project brings together two more essential technical profiles in the development of websites and web pages. On one side, the designers, and on the other, the programmers. Thus, with Sketch2Code, the former can make it easier for the latter to put their ideas into practice.

Translate an HTML sketch

Using artificial intelligence, or more specifically computer vision or computer, English computer vision, Sketch2Code translate a sketch or schematic drawing of how to be a web project in HTML language to facilitate the task of implementation by team development.

Accessing the main page of Sketch2Code we will see that the process is as simple as following three steps: we upload the design, which can be a scanned sheet or a sketch drawn on the computer, on a tablet or on a smartphone, then we let the tool do your magic and finally we get the corresponding HTML code.

As it is an experiment, we can use this tool for free and without registering. In addition, the Sketch2Code page explains in a simple and clear way what it is and how it works. What’s more, you can try several examples to see how the result looks. And with the material that users give it, we will train and improve the AI ​​technology that works in Sketch2Code.

At present, Sketch2Code is offered as a small help in one of the first phases of web development. Looking ahead, it is not ruled out that this utility is integrated into the web services offered by Microsoft under the Azure brand and will allow automating part of the current work by translating handwritten texts and freehand diagrams into HTML code that a machine can understand and improve on your own through artificial intelligence. In summary, a combination of OCR technology for text recognition and artificial intelligence to learn from patterns and repetitions of users.

You will find more information about Sketch2Code and other Microsoft AI projects on this website, for the moment only in English. And if you want, you can try the tool on your own on its official page with your own sketches or with those included in the sample.

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